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William Gheen
William Gheen • 1 year ago

Obama and his administration are behind the protests against George Zimmerman and have been using your tax money to support protests that are turning into riots! Their goal is to take away American gun rights, guns, and gun owners eventually.

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Support the 2nd amendment. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.... They will have guns regardless of the law.

Family Saved By George Zimmerman Afraid They Will Be Attacked By Vigilantes. Which begs the question; why are Trayvon's supporters so violent?

It's not about the guns and violence. It's about controlling the owners of the guns so we will be defenseless in the future. Criminals will never be controlled. It's the good guys that are getting manipulated.

Funny that guns are good for them to use against their government yet he wants to take away our guns and use the IRS and NSA, FBI etc to restrict our rights. HMMMM

Of course the republicans and baggers have to spread lies and say that Obama is coming for their guns, the Democrats want to disarm the Nation etc etc, this is not true. Tighter background checks, closing the loopholes so illegals can't buy, that sort of thing. I find it interesting how the republicans uphold a 5 year old's right to own a gun but they shit on that same child's right to healthcare. Screwed up priorities. Vote these selfish, greedy people out! Vote Blue!

This image (via observando) is food for thought. Should education also be a constitutional right? Please keep comments respectful towards others' opinions should they be posted.

Guns are good