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I know of no society in recorded history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable. — Sam Harris

Last night my husband and I had sex. I was on the "fell asleep reading" position and he was in the "stayed up half the night to watch a ball game and went to bed as I was getting up" position.

George Carlin... question everything!

  • Jennie Davis

    Glad to hear you don't think we are evil baby munchers. :-) there are many on here who do and have often called for death for atheists or we are told we don't exist. But I call them the crazy Christians, the poor sods who have slipped over the edge of religiousness to mental illness. You sir on the other hand, are a searcher, a thinker, a talker and a listener and as you can tell we both appreciate a good conversation. You have been honest and interested with your questions and when i finish answering yours i may be able to get some of my own in. :-) Haven't got around to answering one of your other ?? but I am from Australia.

  • Jennie Davis

    As too the bible, I have been reading it lately, purely out of interest of some questions I had with regard to society, atheism and human rights. It is an interesting read coming in from a different angle. I was more than shocked to find the answers, certainly far more brutal than I ever expected. With regard to Christianity and what it is all about, it is interesting to talk to people from all over the world. As the direct neighborhood people live in, what branch of Christianity (33,000) what country they come from, whether they are born again, brought up, dragged up, thinkers and questioners like yourself, and everything inbetween

  • Jennie Davis

    It does have great bearing on what and how people believe and act. Christianity in my country has certainly changed over the last 50 years. Certainly not as hard lined as it used to be. Around 80% probably call themselves Christian, but mainly because their parents were, most do not have strong beliefs, very few @19% would go to church, and not a lot bring their kids up Christian. You're mostly excepted on who you are, not whether you are Christian or not. That never comes up. If someone started talking bibles or god say at a BBQ they would be politely told to keep it to themselves. Very different to my experience in the States. 1st question I was asked was did I go to church that day and was I Christian. When I said no to both, I was ignored for the rest of the evening with backs turned. This was in New York financial district.

  • Albert Listy

    That is sad to hear. To think that if you don't go to church or are not a Christian you can't have other things to talk about. Heck, I would have been asking you why you aren't a Christian! :O) Please feel free to ask any questions you have about me, the bible, whatever. I'm glad to talk about whatever. What is interesting to me when you mention that you are shocked at how brutal the bible is, I'm curious to what your frame of mind is. It would be nice to address some of those concerns you have and so forth. Please, ask away!

  • Jennie Davis

    Hmmm, in my country, religion would never have come up under any circumstances. I would have asked you about your city, your family, what do you do on days off, do you like your job, have you travelled etc. The brutality I mentioned made me realise how much this book has permeated into all aspects of society, especially mine, the attitudes towards women, rape, war, slavery, etc throughout history up to and including today. It is an interesting journey discovering that so many people have their attitudes towards others not only steeped in cultural influences but also the different religious beliefs that shape a community. The differences between Australian culture and American culture, the influences that make us so vastly different and the commonalities between us.

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