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Church and state... Remember the reason why our fore fathers left England. Freedom. Seperation of Church and state. Isn't it time we all reviewed our history.. our rights, our constitution.

Seperation of church and state

Seperation of Church and State

Seperation of state and church

Seperation of Church & State

Southern Baptist ♥ I grow up in this church denomination.

  • Peter F

    Occult symbolism shows SBC's true character

  • Steven Gladden

    I grow up in the SBC I didnt stay there Im in a totally different religion & Im not Christian. I dont really understand what yr saying.Baptist historically have always believed in the separation of church & state & the absolute freedom of conscious of the individual before their creator but alot of the leaders of the SBC & its flock in my opinion do not.They are fighting a losing battle trying to deprive others of their freedom cause they are in a non christian religion, are gay or are pro womens ordination,or are feminist & liberal.This is my major issue w/ them I have no problem w/ Occultist their alot more tolerant & reasonable than the churches I grow up around.Also not all SB agree w/ every thing the denomination says & are more along my way of thinking but the institution silences them & deprives them a voice or any real influence.

Seperation of church and state.. psht!

The seperation of church and state is there for a reason.

Seperation of church and state- quit pushing your religion on me! I believe in god but I can't stand most of the other people who do! The bible is not to be taken literally, my goodness.

Some historical emphasis on seperation of church and state.