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ca. 1990–1900 BCE. Cosmetic Vessel in the Shape of a Cat. Travertine (Egyptian alabaster), copper, quartz crystal eyes, paint, The earliest-known 3-D representation of Cat in Egyptian art. The cat first appears in painting and relief at the end of the Old Kingdom. MET. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Cat statuette associated with the goddess Bastet. | (seen via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Otter side view. Late Period or Ptolemaic Period, 664–30 B.C. Egypt. Bronze or copper alloy

Figure of a baboon on a basket 664–332 B.C. Egypt Faience (2 5/16 in)

Taweret, Late Period (ca. 712–332 B.C.) Egyptian Faience

Mummy of an ibis with applique figure of the god Nefertum Ptolemaic Period 305-30 BCE North Saqqara Egypt