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Converted Grey knight librarian

World Eaters Librarian

40k - Sevrin Loth, Librarian of the Red Scorpions Space Marines by Ungugu

Warhammer 40k, Space Marines Librarian Psyker, Ultramarines Chapter

40k - Ultramarines Space Marine Librarian by Daith

Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought

Imperial Fists Caestus Assault Ram

Astartes Legions

Perhaps the best Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine cosplay ever. Can we make a super war hammer that lights up? #Hammer #Light Up

Warhammer 40k, Space Marines. The most amazing Psyker model I've seen, and it turns out to be a custom Njal Stormcaller of the Space Wolves, Terminator Librarian