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Raise a glass to Mom with customized champagne flutes. #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

Rock n Roll with Mothers Day Crafts. Make new memories with your kids. #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

Make a handmade Valentine with Martha Stewart Crafts! #marthastewartcrafts

  • {Marci Godfrey}

    It is a link to Amazon saying the product is currently unavailable. Will it be available soon or is this an old link?

  • Leesa Berry

    You can find them at Michaels craft store

  • {Marci Godfrey}

    Thanks! I'm just wondering why they'd post such a useless link.

  • Shaina Magat

    I just clicked through and it is available now!

A painted pot full of flowers makes a lovely Mother's Day present. #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

Get your kicks with crafts for moms & kids. #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

Created beaded glasses with Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint at Michaels Stores #marthastewartcrafts

Make new Mother's Day memories with these crafts and share your own ideas. #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

Definitely want to make a set of these. Seems easy!