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The British Museum has got this one wrong. This is not an equinoctial sundial but an altitude sundial of the Regiomontanus type. The indicator string with a bob is missing.

Sundial garden in Northern Germany. How many can you see?

Combination portable sundial and instrument for calibrating sundials 17th century,from France,brass,silver - or so described. The concept of "calibrating sundials" puzzles me. This is a portable sundial with three scales to work at 40, 45 and 50 degrees latitude North respectively. There is a compass for orientation and screws for levelling. The gnomon adjusts accordingly as seen in the additional pictures.

Sundial. Family Coat of Arms Paul Steiner. Train. Calendar, Sun as a hub. Inside the actual sundial compass. Nicholas Wickart. Brass, silver plated. Dated 1567. Actually 2 sundials in one - a vertical and horizontal. Portable with direction derived from the compass. I wonder how they kept it levelled, though.

A gilded brass equinoctial sundial with compass,

Southern hemisphere sundial. How can you tell?

c1578 polyhedral sundial