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Sundial garden in Northern Germany. How many can you see?

A truly odd looking sundial in Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Indeed. Looks like an equatorial sundial. The time would be indicated by the fin that does not throw a shadow?

A gilded brass equinoctial sundial with compass,

My very first miniature sundial effort. I would like to think that I came a long way since then :-)

A nodus sundial in Aiello del Friuli (Italy) by Dario Puntin, 2003. For a modern sundial it looks "wrong" until one realizes that it shows the "ancient" hours which were counted from sunrise (Babylonian) and were unequal (length varied with season, night and day). That is why the hour lines converge rather than diverge as would be the case in a conventional sundial of this type.

A huge sundial at St. Katherine's Dock in London. It was designed by Wendy Taylor. It inspired me to start making sundials myself.

Combination portable sundial and instrument for calibrating sundials 17th century,from France,brass,silver - or so described. The concept of "calibrating sundials" puzzles me. This is a portable sundial with three scales to work at 40, 45 and 50 degrees latitude North respectively. There is a compass for orientation and screws for levelling. The gnomon adjusts accordingly as seen in the additional pictures.

Meister Collapsible Compass Sundial

Sundial Chinesestyle v.002 by crquack on Etsy, $135.00

A very unusual bifilar sundial by Jacob Borsje.