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« Phases de la lune », dans Muhammed ibn Emir Hasan al-Su'udi. Matâli el-saadet,

Astronomical calendar, by Nicholas of Lynn, ca. 1324 / Sacred Geometry

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān often known simply as Geber(c.721–c.815) was a prominent polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astrologer, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and pharmacist and physician.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life with the names of the Sephiroth and paths--graphic image from medieval Jewish mysticism.

Astronomicum Caesareum Michael Ostendorfer. 1520-1549. Renaissance instructive manual explaining the use of the astrolabe (for calculating the altitude of stars) and other instruments used for computing planetary positions. The author, court astronomer to Emperor Charles V, also provided new observations on the comet of 1531 (Halley's Comet).

Islamic Amulet including the Star of David, 11th century; Fatimid Egitto | Ink on paper; H. 9 in. (23 cm), W. 3 1/4 in. (8.4 cm)