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7 day ab workout.

Butt Workout. Get yourself in the best shape of your life. Step up to the plate. Start your free month now!!! Cancel anytime. #fitness #workout #health #exercise videos #online fitness

The Best New Exercises for Women

Foam Rolling: the Best Kept Secret - foam rolling is a way for deep tissue massage therapy at home. It relaxes and stretch the muscles. @Kimberly Pyles

Best New Exercises for Women - McGill Curlup: works entire abdominal muscle complex while keeping your lower back in it's natural position.

10 Ways to Use a Foam Roller - Very interesting! Rolling out your sore muscles is only 1 of the 10 ways!! I am going to use it to crack my back later...

15 min belly blasting workout - Every woman can end up with a belly pooch due to underworked lower abdominal muscles. This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles—the transverse abdominis—that pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat the circuit so you're performing it a total of two times.

Sculpt a Lean Body (8 moves!): "Get the enviable physique dancers are famous for with this body shaping workout. The best part: You'll barely move a muscle."

Bridge Target Muscles: glutes, abdominals Repeat for three sets of 15 reps.

Emma Stone works her lower abs and back muscles with this move.

Trainer told me this is a good exercise for yourlower rectus abdominus muscles (the pooch area). It's crazy hard, but effective. Build up your ability. (Also good is same position but with medium to large ball between ankles. Raise and lower the ball)