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Ann-Lu Blewett
Ann-Lu Blewett • 2 years ago

In 2004, astronomers discovered a star composed entirely of diamond, measuring 4,000 km across and 10 billion trillion trillion carats. 50 light years from Earth, the diamond star is classified as a crystallized white dwarf, the hot core that remains after a star burns out. Only recently have scientists been able to study the contents of the white dwarf, and they’ve confirmed that the crystallized carbon interior of the star is, in fact, the galaxy’s largest diamond.

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It’s 50 light years away from Earth and is in the constellation centaurus. The diamond was created by a star that, instead of exploding in a supernova, compressed itself into a white dwarf star. The 10 billion trillion trillion diamond formed in the center of the star. Scientists have predicted that one day this could happen to our sun.

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A ring of radiation previously unknown to science fleetingly surrounded Earth last year before being virtually annihilated by a powerful interplanetary shock wave, scientists say. NASA's twin Van Allen space probes, which are studying the Earth's radiation belts, made the cosmic find. The surprising discovery — a new, albeit temporary, radiation belt around Earth — reveals how much remains unknown about outer space, even those regions closest to the planet, researchers added.

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Petosky stones are corals that lived 350 million years ago...

The moon is about 1/4 the diameter of Earth. Learn more about Earth’s natural satellite at

NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America …in just 34 years. #share