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Vista, the new survey telescope

The Cat's Eye Nebula from the Hubble Telescope. Not a difficult nebula to find and see in small telescopes either, though the Hubble image obviously provide a lot more detail.

Tulip Nebula....incredible!

The dust sculptures of the Eagle Nebula are evaporating. As powerful starlight whittles away these cool cosmic mountains, the statuesque pillars that remain might be imagined as mythical beasts. Pictured above is one of several striking dust pillars of the Eagle Nebula that might be described as a gigantic alien fairy. This fairy, however, is ten light years tall and spews radiation much hotter than common fire. The greater Eagle Nebula, M16, is actually a giant evaporating shell of gas and d...

how sick would this cake be? taylor2525

Today, Tomrrow, Always im sold. tamikamatthias2

The year you were born, the year you met, and the year you got married! So cute! emilylombardo89

This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical processes including atomic emission, Rayleigh scattering, reflection and absorbtion of light, that go on in this star forming region to create this kaleidescope of colours and details.

Gorgeous Dryhead Agate cabochon