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So you have an idea for a craft business, now what? Genius struck and you think that your adorable crafts would make you some pocket money. Great! But where do you start? Before you can just dive in and start selling your products online or at

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At the moment I have two goals and hurdles to reach and overcome. Goal/Hurdle 1: I am very ill, and need to put as much effort as I can into getting better. I have had chronic severe depression since I was a teenager. I'm 35 now. 20 years plus of this on/off hell. It subsides now and again. I am always on medications of one type/s or another. But the last 8 months I have been very very ill, and my hope is dwindling fast. I am way too ill to hold down a job. Working at the moment will make me feel worse. So money is an added stress. And I have no idea how long it will take to get better. Goal/Hurdle 2: It is my dream (maybe in vain), to start a business selling my crafts. This will inevitably start off very small. An Etsy and/or Folksy shop to begin with probably. I know I will have to be significantly well again to do this properly. I would be overjoyed to make this my full time job and main income in the future. So this brings me to this book. The writing is about setting up businesses and laws etc. in the US, but I hope it will still be relevant for my UK based ideas. The first hurdle will most likely take some time. But I don't think that should matter. I should not stress about the 'X' amount of time it will take, because when I am well and stable the time spent will ultimately be worth it. So I'm going to read this book, which will be hard as concentration, absorbing information and motivation is very hard for me at the moment. Fingers crossed..... Book Details: Title: Craft Inc. Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business Author: Meg Mateo Ilasco ISBN: 9780811858366 Published by: Chronicle Books Publishing Year: 2007

Fundraising Idea....sell your crafts to pay for shipping of your shoe boxes!