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4. Pre-radar Listener For Enemy Aircraft

Giant Elephant: Weighing 40 tons and measuring 12 m high, this mechanical elephant, designed by François Delarozière, with hundreds of moving parts and pistons was largely made of reclaimed poplar together with steel and flapping leather ears, was operated by 22 manipulators and could carry 30 people. It was the star of the live theatre show, The Sultan's Elephant. photo by Stox-Ideas Playground #Elephant #The _Sultans_Elephant #Francois_Delaroziere #Stox_Ideas_Playground

Abandoned NORAD radar dome near Alsask

The Secret Radar Thorbjorn Gudnason

Acoustic listening devices developed for the Dutch army as part of air defense systems research between World Wars 1 and 2.

Interpretation of a classic Albert Dorne advertisement illustration for | Illustrator: Andrew Kolb -

1890s ~ the oldest contortionist on earth packs himself into a box, 23" long, 19" deep, & 16" wide, and allows any gentleman in the audience to pack 6 dozen soda water bottles into the box after him

Woolworth Building, New York, 1926. That guy waving his hat is literally in the air.