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Rufino Lasaosa
Rufino Lasaosa • 2 years ago

The fall of Damascus to the Allies, late June 1941. A car carrying the Free French commanders, General Georges Catroux and Major-General Paul Louis Le Gentilhomme, enters the city. They are escorted by Vichy French Circassian cavalry

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A French Panhard armoured car, captured by the Germans and adapted to operate on railway lines in the East.

Children being evacuated from the city during the ongoing German bombing blitz. London, 1940.

A German soldier at the Battle of Stalingrad, 1942.

The crew of the Soviet armored car BA-10 E.Endrekson staff sergeant, sergeant V. P. Ershakov and Shepherd Dzhul'bars. Southern Front

The crew of a Humber I scout car receiving orders, Falaise, France, 17 August 1944

Attempting to bomb Britain into submission, the German Luftwaffe attacked the city of Ramsgate while Churchill was visiting in August 1940. Taking cover in an underground shelter, he exchanged his trademark civilian hat for a steel helmet. The city’s mayor forced him to discard his cigar, eliciting the rueful response, ‘There goes another good one.

Jeddah. Pilgrim caravan preparing to leave for Mecca 1916

After invasion of Normandy, June, 1944, travelling past bombed out French buildings, is a jeep carrying U.S. Generals (backseat, L-R) Courtney Hodges, George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower