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U.S. Marine snipers - Okinawa

Soldier with a B.A.R in the Battle of Okinawa

I wonder how many such pictures are shown in schools... k. Marines of the 6th Division sleeping between battles on Okinawa, 29 May 1945

American Soldiers with A Captured Japanese Flag In Okinawa by The Nite Tripper, via Flickr For 82 days from April to June 1945, four divisions of the 10th U.S. Army and the 1st and 6th U.S. Marine divisions battled the Japanese in Okinawa. This was the largest amphibious assault conducted in the Pacific Theater. The Americans planned on using Okinawa as a launching pad for the invasion of mainland Japan.

Private John L. Drugan and Pal, May 1945. He saved an entire Marine platoon on Okinawa. Pal was responsible for saving an entire Marine platoon from an ambush on Okinawa after discovering a hidden Japanese machine gun nest. Military dogs were commonly used by the Marines in the Pacific for this specific task, along with sniffing out mines, dug in hidden Japaneses soldiers and more importantly, snipers.

US Marine Lt. Col. RP Ross, JR braving sniper fire to climb to the stop of Shuri castle on Okinawa to place the US flag, 29 May 1945

The Germans were not alone in drafting children into the army. In this photo, U.S. marine Hart Spigal is trying to have a conversation with two undersized Japanese soldiers on Okinawa, June 17, 1945.

Vietnam soldier soldiering