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  • Miss Kelly

    True Dat! Disney princess try to hard to please their men. In real life the handsome prince would get bored of beautiful ariel for being tosweet and dump for mean nasty skank. hoe that treats him like cramp and Ariel would then realize the arror of her ways and how her hotness and beauty can have any Man on earth or sea. She becomes a heartbreaker and goes through prince chartings like water.

  • Miss Kelly

    And poor Prince with beautiful blue eyes and perfect comes crawling back and Ariel tells to take a number she likes her single new life princess hottest most beautiful mermaid or woman alive no man is good enough not even Eric. no

  • J*MuMz

    LMAO!i like the part about the mean nasty skank hoe!That was great!

  • Kathryn S.

    Also look on the castle at the top...notice one of the towers looks very erect penis....way to go Disney and I can't believe I watched this movie. Of course all of us growing would never notice it until you are older. Wow is all I can say....disgraceful.

  • J*MuMz

    Hey Kathryn S. did you see when Ariel & her pervo Prince got hitched?You think the castle looks like an erect penis, check out Eric's bulge!lol

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