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Rocky Harrell
Rocky Harrell • 1 year ago

KIOWA DUTCH ... white captive known as Boin-edal (Big Blond) by the Kiowa. Little is known about this unfortunate white captive, other than he was 8 yrs old when taken captive in 1835, the year the Kiowa Indians raided all the way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Both parents, only having arrived from Germany 3 years prior were killed. Boin-edal remained with the Kiowa all his life, unknown to the whites until a blond white man was discovered living among the tribe when placed on the Kiowa reservation.

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In 1875, Kiowa chief White Horse (Tsen-tainte) and a group of followers surrendered at Fort Sill, Indian Territory. White Horse had gained considerable notoriety during the early 1870s for his raids on Texas settlements, and was considered the "most dangerous man" among the Kiowas. White Horse was incarcerated at St. Augustine, Florida. He died of a stomach ailment in 1892 and was buried on the reservation near Fort Sill.

Cynthia Ann Parker - a Texas legend On May 19, 1836, Fort Parker was attacked by several hundred Caddo, Comanche and Kiowa. They killed several of its inhabitants. During the raid the Comanches seized five captives, including Cynthia Ann. Within 6 years, all the captives had been returned to their white families, except Cynthia Ann who remained with the Indians for almost twenty-five years, forgot white ways, and became thoroughly Comanche.

Kiowa Boys, photographed at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, 1890 by H. P. Robinson. Part of the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection. Series 4: Texas Locations and People.

Black Horse - about 40 years old, was no stranger to battle, having fought other Indian tribes, the U.S. Army and the white settlements. As a known troublemaker, after his surrender at Fort Sill in Oklahoma Territory, he was the only Comanche chief to be imprisoned at Ft. Marion, Florida. Returning to Oklahoma after 2 yrs, Black Horse was soon raiding again, leading the last Comanche raid in Texas in 1878.

Native Americans Indians "The Story Of My Life" ~ The Running Deer (1rst Place,Texas, 2009) ~ by KariHak

Little Jimmy Mckinn, 11 year old son of John and Lucretia McKinn captured by Geronimo in 1886. This is the only photo ever taken of a captive while still being held in captivity. He was later returned to his parents after being rescued when Gen Crook induced Geronimo to finally give himself up. Photo by C.S. Fly, 1886.

Sitting Bear (Setangya or Satank) - Kiowa: During his 60s, Satank led many raids on the early Texas settlers. Following the killing of seven teamsters during an 1871 raid on a wagon train in Texas, Satank was arrested at Fort Sill. While being escorted to trail in Texas, he was killed in a daring and defiant attempt to escape. Because of his mustache and chin whiskers, he was though to have Spanish blood.

Quanah Parker, Comanche Indian Chief, and W. C. Riggs, at the Fat Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas in 1909. (By SMU Central University Libraries, via Flickr)

Lawman Frank Hamer when he was a 24-year old City Marshal in Navasota, Texas. He would gain fame years later as the Texas Ranger who got Bonnie and Clyde.