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Why Women Should Stop Apologizing All the Time (Discussed in episode 19 of the Pop Fashion podcast)

every teacher (and parent) should know/read this:)

"These are the three steps I recommend for taking in the good. I should note that I did not invent these steps. They are embedded in many good therapies and life practices. But I’ve tried to tease them apart and embed them in an evolutionary understanding of how the brain works." Read more...

I'm Not Busy (And I'm Proud of It) | The Minimalist Mom

As Little Girls and Boys Grow, They Think Alike by Avery Johnson: By measuring the thickness of the brain's cortex and how it changes over time, scientists have found that boys' and girls' brains, on average, differ significantly at age 9. But by the time the participants reached age 22, the brains of the two sexes grew more alike in many areas critical for learning. These images are combined male/female brains. White shows areas of concordance. #Gender_Development #Brain #WSJ #Avery_Johnson

Seth's Blog: Trapped by tl;dr

The surest way to provoke the imagination … is to seek out environments you have no experience with. … Novel experiences are so effective at unleashing the imagination because they force the perceptual system out of categorization, the tendency of the brain to take shortcuts.

i don't often feel this way about Mondays, but it's awesome when I do. :)