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National Postal Museum
National Postal Museum • 2 years ago

Flower and dove stamp issued in 1994 based on a Victorian photograph. Two white doves face each other in a basket filled with roses, carnations, and baby's-breath blossoms.

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White doves in cherry blossoms

Birds are one of the few animals I haven't had in my own home yet. Newts, yes. Mice, yes. Dogs, yet. Cats, yes. When the time comes for birds (and it will come), they shall be doves.

Doves on blossoms. So sweet, so tender, so beautiful... A picture of contented love!

Roses and lace on a Victorian Hearts stamp issued in 1999 for wedding invitations, announcements, RSVPs, Valentine's Day cards and other greetings of affection.

Heart-shaped roses and a dove on this Valentine's Day and wedding invitation stamp issue from 1994.

pink vintage (1961) Japanese cherry blossom postage stamps

White Doves