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National Aquarium
National Aquarium • 2 years ago

We have two new Turquoise Tanger chicks in our Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit. Both chicks are on exhibit (and still soliciting food from the adults) and we are very happy to announce that our turquoise tanager flock has grown from three to five! #AnimalUpdate

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The Giant leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus) is endemic to Madagascar and the islands Nosy Bohara and Nosy Mangabe. These geckos live in tropical rain forests and reach a total length of 330 mm. A large nocturnal gecko, by day it plasters it self to a small tree trunk and rests head down.

The #1 animal I have to see at the Lowry Park Zoo. Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus), is characterized by its prominent beard, blue eyes, svelte body and tail which has a double row of tufts like an elephant. It lives in family groups in the rain forests of southeast asia. Uniquely, among pigs, groups of 100, led by an old male, undergo an annual migration along time worn paths.

Emperor Tamarin Description This weird animal name derives from the german emperor named Wilhem, due to their obvious mustache-resemblance. Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus imperator) is an animal living in the southwest Amazon Basin, east Peru, north Bolivia and the west Brazilian states of Acre and Amazonas. The animal commonly inhabits tropical rain forests

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Emperor Tamarin The Emperor Tamarin inhabits tropical rain forests, living deep in the forest and also in open tree-covered areas. This primate lives together in groups of two to eight animals. The oldest female leads the group above several mature males.