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Create a Video Editorial Calendar A video editorial calendar can help you plan and schedule your marketing videos according to your business priorities. Develop a calendar (or download the free template at and get your video marketing set up for the next 60 – 90 days. Find more tips and resources at

“You Get Points for Personality.” Put your personality into your videos! This does not mean you have to be “over the top” or super charismatic. You just need to be yourself and inject some of your own personality into your video. Find more tips and resources at

Lou’s Video Marketing Quick Tip #10 “Another KISS – Keep It Short and Sweet.” Video viewers have a notoriously short attention span, so keep your video message short and sweet. Be succinct. Be direct. Get to the point and get on with it. Find more tips and resources at

Lou’s Video Marketing Quick Tip #24 Brand Your YouTube Channel! You can customize your YouTube channel to make it uniquely your own. This helps with your branding and consistency. Even if you simply change the background of your YouTube channel to look like your website, you’ve already “branded” your page to match your overall look. Get consistent and get branded! Find more tips and resources at

Your video’s message is far more important than your video’s production values. If you offer compelling content, video quality becomes secondary. Focus on your content first! Find more tips and resources at

The number of video views you get (on YouTube) is not nearly as relevant as WHO is seeing your video. Focus on getting seen by YOUR target audience. When it comes to video views, it’s the quality of your audience, not the quantity. Find more tips and resources at

V-Mail is the New E-Mail! You may get hundreds of e-mails a day, but chances are you get few, if any, video mail messages. V-Mail helps you break through, stand out and be remembered, because video mail is so much more personal and engaging. Two free v-mail services you can try include and Find more tips and resources at

Lou’s Video Marketing Quick Tip #20 Get the “I Feel Like I Already Know You” Effect Videos help create the “know, like and trust factor” for you. The more people see you on video, the more familiar you become to them – And that adds up to trust and likeability! Then when you talk to you peeps by phone or in person, you’re more likely to hear that sweet phrase, “I feel like I already know you!” Find more tips and resources at

Lou’s Video Marketing Quick Tip #19 Your Camera Is In Your Pocket! The single biggest question I receive is “What camera should I use?” To which I say: “Use the camera that’s probably in your pocket!” If you have a smart phone, you have a video camera. My fave is the iPhone, but most smartphones or cell phones have video capabilities, too! Find more tips and resources at

Video viewers want content. They want solutions. They want to find the answers to their problems. Create compelling content and don’t worry about what kind of camera or webcam you’re using. Your viewers don’t care about your camera, they care about your content! Remember, it’s the content, not the camera. Find more tips and resources at


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