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“Vactrains” could take you from NYC to London in an hour hitting speeds up to…

I travel quite a bit, and so do a lot of my friends here in the Bay Area. Since we're all geeks and love technology, this particular piece referencing a BBC article on "Vactrains" ...
John French
John French • 2 years ago

"Vactrains" could reach speeds of 2500 mph by traveling through a vacuum in a tunnel.(!)

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The new E6 Series Super Komachi has a sleek design and a top speed of nearly 200 mph.

A 1954 Escher VW-Porsche Kleinbahn Prototyp in the Prototyp in Hamburg. These little trains were built from 1954 to 1971 and were used in parks and botanical gardens. It pulled 3 cars which had space for 90 passengers. Its not a accident that the design of the locomotive looks like a cross between the legendary TEE train and the Porsche 356. This locomotive was powered by a VW industrial engine and was the prototype of the VW-Porsche trains.

Allowing UPS drivers to travel narrow urban streets with limited parking, this new electrically powered delivery bicycle is being tested in Dortmund, Germany. And it looks cool.

Hippo cart in 1924. Yes. HIPPO - Imgur

Japan Unveils Levitating High-Speed Electric Aero Train... Japanese engineers have just unveiled a prototype vehicle that flies rather than rolling. The design is decidedly lower tech than maglev trains — the Aero Train uses wings attached to a fuselage to literally fly inches off the ground. Dubbed a “ground-effect vehicle” the train is designed to be completely powered by wind and solar energy — making this a true zero-carbon transportation system.

From D.C. To Beijing In 2 Hours. Evacuated tube transport (ETT) is a concept for high-speed, frictionless travel that operates without fossil fuels, instead relying on magnetic levitation for propulsion. ETT would reportedly require lighter materials for vehicles and infrastructure than current high-speed trains and travel as fast as 4,000 mph.

Virgin Galactic Hits Milestone As Commercial Space Travel Rockets Toward Reality... Earlier this month Virgin Galactic and its partner Scaled Composites received an experimental launch permit from the Federal Aviation Administration, the first for a manned experimental aircraft. Considering there have been numerous test flights of both the mother ship (WhiteKnightTwo) and spacecraft (SpaceShipTwo) since 2009.

norman bel geddes, train. Streamline, 'efficient', fast, futuristic

A great set of photos that show how Kingfisher's beak inspired the Bullet train design. Nature-Inspired Innovation: 9 Examples of Biomimicry in Action : TreeHugger

Future London skyline? Architectural Photography: Simon Kennedy Designer: Factory Fifteen

Decorated trains in Japan... Of the countless trains running on Japan's 20,000-kilometer (12,000-mile) rail network, a few are decorated with images of anime and manga characters, colorful ads, and designs by notable artists. Some trains on the Kakogawa line in Hy?go prefecture feature designs by graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo. Yokoo's eyeball train, Kakogawa line.

How cool is this camper / car...