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Joyce Bradford
Joyce Bradford • 1 year ago

About DeAnna Denton: My first DeeAnna repaint. Shes such a cute sculpt

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith • 39 weeks ago

    Very charming! I didn't think DeeAnna could be improved - great work!

  • Joyce Bradford
    Joyce Bradford • 39 weeks ago

    Sorry Linda, just saw this just now. The doll wasn't my work,( I don't even work on dolls,I wish),though I am a watercolorist. Ya know that's way pinterest does it now. They need to leave the caption under the pic. like they used to. Now the caption is right under your name and it makes it look like your the one who said it, when it's the caption that came with the pic. when you pinned it. I've got to start remembering to change the caption. I frequently have to explain this to people.. But no it's not my work, sorry!

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith • 39 weeks ago

    Not a problem -- but your doll is wonderful (even if you didn't apply her "make-up."

  • Joyce Bradford
    Joyce Bradford • 39 weeks ago

    Yes she is, wish I was that good!

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