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.: la boîte en os :.

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry, "Charlotte Corday", 1860 It's the Death of Marat like you've NEVER seen it! That's kinda cool.

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"Sultry Day" - Paul Landacre - Wood Engraving - 1935

Jacques-Louis David (French, 1748–1825). Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) and His Wife (Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze, 1758–1836), 1788. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, in honor of Everett Fahy, 1977 (1977.10) #letters #Connections

Ambrosius Benson's "Death of Lucretia." Lucretia was raped by the Roman king's son. She "confessed" the rape the next day to her father, and then stabbed herself. Revenge for her rape and death is said to have been part of what triggered the revolution that lead to the Roman Republic. There are a LOT of disturbingly beautiful renditions of her death by various artists.

Jaques-Louis David- Death Of Marat

Hieronymus Bosch ~ Death and the Miser - A moral tale

The Black Brunswicker, 1860" The man belongs to the German "Death or Glory" regiment...he's trying to head out the door to whichever awaits him. She is using her body to block him. Charles Dicken's daughter was the model for the girl.