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Ludivina Karsten
Ludivina Karsten • 1 year ago

“If the king wants to unravel the mystery of my virginity, he will have to first win my heart, but only after I turn his heart into my slave.” - Raymee. Dare to know Raymee? You are forewarned. Tread lightly. Get your copy of The Sultan of Monte Cristo now. www.SultanOfMonte...

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Who is the Holy Ghost Writer? Win one thousand dollars if you guess correctly. Hint? The clues are in the book !

When he is called before the queen, Jacob, the handsome, young Captain of the Royal Guard, is sure it is to discuss the baffling increase in assassination attempts against the royal family. #Kindle #Adventure

Available on Xlibris- A man unnecessarily imprisoned to emerge unrecognized, only to stealthily take revenge, is a compelling and relevant story in each age. Knowledge of a hidden treasure, provided by the elderly, long-bearded prisoner to the Count of Monte Cristo. Also in Hardback For Book Collectors.

Sitting increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even some forms of cancer. This book shows you how to undo the damage.

  • Jean C. Fisher

    I also find it difficult to get up and move around since my hip replacement. This book sounds like it would help me, too.

  • Oana Matei

    Sitting may cause even some forms of cancer? I didn't know that! It's really worrying... My job is all about sitting in front of the computer for very long hours... I think I need to read this book and start taking care of my health before it's too late.

  • Renee Stuck

    I knew sitting for long periods of time could cause obesity but didn't know it could cause some forms of cancer! Ever since I had my one hip replaced and the fact that I need the other one replaced I don't get up and move around near as much as I should.

  • Rose Hill

    This book is such an eye opener as to the real damage we do to our bodies without consciously realizing it. Sedentary lifestyles are new to our evolution and our bodies still need movement and exercise. I'm picking up a copy to find out just exactly what I can do to counteract any potential problems.

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This bewitching and harrowing tale of mystery and survival, and memory and magic, makes the impossible all too real... #Amazon #Fantasy

  • Nicolas Laube

    The definitely has to go onto my wish list. I think Neil Gaiman is a absolutely amazing author.

  • Devon Williams

    #Fantasy is a favorite genre of mine and #Amazon always finds the best!

  • Oana Matei

    Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. This book is already on my "to read" list, and I hope to get to it soon.

  • penni dubois

    I took a look at this and thought of Douglas Adams and the way he wrote. Now I am off to peruse the story.

  • Katy Halsema

    Mysteries and suspense books are always good to read and can take you on an interesting adventure.

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