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Angie Bradley
Angie Bradley • 2 years ago

Weeks before the 1964 presidential election, Walter Jenkins, a longtime aide to President Johnson, was caught by police in a YMCA men’s room in Washington, D.C. having sex with another man. It was a shocking arrest, not least to his wife and six children. Johnson was taken aback as well, saying, “I couldn’t have been more shocked about Walter Jenkins if I’d heard that Lady Bird had tried to kill the Pope.” The story was leaked to the press and Jenkins submitted his resignation to Johnson, bef...

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Freeport Wide Awakes / Lincoln and Hamlin. The Wide Awakes were groups of young men who supported Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election. They marched and rallied in uniform, carrying torches. They also organized as self-appointed political police, poll watching and monitoring over political meetings to ensure order was kept.

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