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Stop it! No one likes mean people.

I saw a pin the other day that stated "Bulimia: Twice the taste, zero the calories." It infuriated me...because little do they know what all it does to the body to purge even just one time, much less over and over again. It's far from glamorous. Plus...purging only rids your body of half, maybe a little more, of the calories consumed. Bulimia is not a way to simply undo a fun night of eating whatever one wants. It's a DISEASE and its horrible. I really wish people would educate themselves..'s between you, your mind, and your body...If your head and heart aren't in it your a-- will not follow...just sayin.

Remember to not stress out about weight loss... Stress causes weight gain. Relax... I'll get there :)

Calorie counting done the right way = weight loss? Absolutely!

They ALL weigh 154 pounds. There IS not 'right' body shape you need to conform to. You can work out like a crazy person, take pills and whatever. Some women WILL lose weight. Some won't. However you body changes during your life? Embrace it in the moment...just love yourself. Stop trying to please OTHER people.

how to trick your mind and body into losing more weight. I love these healthy ideas!

Foods and drinks that help cleanse the body