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Marissa Van Groningen

The Lost Continent Lemuria is in Pacific Ocean. Most prominent Islands such as Tonga Islands, Easter Islands, Lelu Island, Malekula Island, Palau’s Babeldoab Island, Mu’a Island, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Cook Islands, Line islands - Republic of Kiribati, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Leeward Islands, Gilbert Island and others were part of the largest continent in the World - Lemuria. Most of the inhabitants were Giants 12 feet in height. Megalithic stones,... ~ H.P. Blavatsky

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The Easter Island Heads have full bodies... I wonder if this is just some of them, or all... and if the ground at their feet is what was visible when they were created, or if land swept over through time, or something else entirely?

Rainbow, Big Island, Hawaii

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, Big Island, Hawaii

UFO Sightings Chart by The National Archives UK on Flickr. UFO Sightings Chart Description: Unidentified Flying Object sightings Date: c.1969

Levitating islands in The Bermuda Triangle observed by satellite? Islands in the Bermuda Triangle were photographed levitating by as much as 10 miles off the surface of the ocean in this recently declassified image from a U.S. spy satellite. Follow link for story.

Time travel will be invented in the year 2025. How do we know? Because that is the year that this delightful lady claimed to have traveled from. In the year 1898, according the contemporary reports, Alexandria Alexis appeared 'as if from nowhere' and took New York society by storm. Some fawned over her while others claimed she was insane. This debate was however rendered moot when, on New Year's Eve 1899, she simply disappeared...

STAR GATES: WHO IS THIS?? WITH HI TECH SUTE, HELMET, GLASSES, ON HIS CONTROL SEAT?? WHAT IS THE MESSAGE THAT THEY LEFT HERE ON EARTH FOR US THOUSANDS YEARS AGO?? WHAT DO WE KNOW?? WHAT DO YOU SEE?? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? This tiny statue "THE GOD ODIN??" is 17.5mm (height) * 19.8mm (length) * 12.4mm (depth). the statue is from lejre. roskilde town museum, denmark

The Berlin Golden Hat is a tall, conical artifact made of hammered gold and decorated with astronomic symbols including the moon almost 3000 years old. It dates back to 1000-800 BC and may have been used as the ceremonial hat of a high priest or ruler used when worshipping the sun. It is possible that the Berliner Gold Hat was also used as a calendar: the symbols on the artefact would have permitted the determination of dates or periods in both lunar and solar calendars. (repin)