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Lourdes Cabrera
Lourdes Cabrera • 1 year ago

alveolar consolidation - gives a short, dull, or flat percussion note

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Percussion Notes and Their Meaning Flat or Dull = Pleural Effusion or Lobar Pneumonia Normal = Healthy Lung or Bronchitis Hyperresonant = Emphysema or Pneumothorax

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ever see someone KNOCK or TAP on a wall to look for a STUD? sounds hollow, hollow, then THUD - this is an analogy to lung percussion - associate consolidation and pneumonia with DULLNESS, actually whenever fluid or solid tissue replaces air-containing lung tissue (pleural effusion, tumor)

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Liquindi - Baka women water drumming. When you percuss a lung filled with liquid or a region of the thorax filled with fluid (eg pneumonia, consolidation, pleural effusion), how does it sound? (DULL or FLAT). compare this to hitting a drum that's filled with AIR.

whispered voice sounds auscultated over a NORMAL lung are usually FAINT and unintelligible

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