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Have a healthy body image.

#affirmation: I'm grateful to my body for all the amazing things it does every single second, to keep me healthy and alive.

Stop all the insane & unrealistic pins on Pinterest ladies! Have a positive body image, eat healthy, & stay active. Set realistic goals, not superficial expectations.

Stop shaming people for their bodies-people that weigh more are not always unhealthy, people that way less are not always healthy-being thin doesn't mean you are pure, or more controlled than others about your body, or in better shape, or that your a better person-Why are people more concerned with how small their bodies are, and the size of clothing they wear, instead of simply having a healthy body?-Eating disorders cause osteoporosis,heart problems, hair loss, kidney failure, and sudden death

Do you want a thigh gap?

Take Note, Ladies: 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image :-)

Thigh Gap = unrealistic for most healthy women

Weight isn't everything!! When I diet and exercise i say it is to make my body healthy. I do not say to lose weight and while I think it while getting ready sometimes I never refer to myself as fat or comment on parts of my body I cannot change.