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Mariana Muñoz
Mariana Muñoz • 3 years ago


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    Four Yorkies! Ahh thats just adorable!!

  • Chris Warrick

    6 years ago I went to get a companion for Sir Jackson of Maplewood--aka Jack-and there were only 2 in the litter a boy and a girl--couldn't decide which one so I bought them both! All 4 AKC--not that it matters-they are family pets but they are my babies--part of the family--they have even flown with me to AZ-only one at a time! I love my babies and they are spoiled but they also know 10 tricks! very smart! plus beautiful--beauty and brains--there you go!


    My two little ones are brother and sister as well. The plan was just the girl and we had actually put our down payment on her and everything, but while we were waiting for her to come of age the breeders had emailed me and said that her little brother would be the last one their once we picked her up. It took us not even a minute to email back to the breeder to say yes we would take him as well. So, so happy that we did. They are so cute together. I really beleive that if we only took her that she would of been so lonely.

  • Chris Warrick

    Absolutely agree! and my female rules the house! She was also about half a pound heavier-6 1/2 lbs and he was barely 6 lbs. Sweetest little thing and so affectionate--more than my female. He is no longer with us--accident--but I am thinking of getting another one for her. Problem is now she is way more affectionate and is on my lap 24/7! She is a doll!


    Is your little girl tiny? When we first picked up ours I named our boy Peanut because he was so small but now after two years she is the tinier one and Peanut is the chunky one. She is our jumper. Peanut usually just watches her and has that no way look in his eyes, lol

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I think it's a yorkie.