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I built that, yes you did BO,

IRS & Obama's Election

WAG THE DOG/STRAW MAN/ Don't look at Benghazi, IRS Attacks, DOJ Attacks, Fast & Furious, Seal Team 6, Immigration Bill.... L@@K SQUIRREL TRAYVON MARTIN! Dumb predictable Sheeples!!! 2 Teens: ONE made NATIONAL NEWS HEADLINES and MEDIA CONSTANT COVERAGE and ONE ignored! Twitter / zcraft7: @Conservative_VW thought I'd ...

that's liberal socialist democrats for you, & BO is leading the pack!!!!

#IRS lawyer who donated $4,000 to Obama's 2008 campaign, and hovered over Inspector General interviews with subordinates, emerges as villain in tea party scandal #News #IRS

Constitutional Amendments (1-12) Can BO read??? If he can, can he, he's the worst president EVER!!!!

Women! Use Your Vote! And don't be a pawn by propagandists, liberals, socialististic democrats with BO leading the way, get rid of all of them, Nov 6 '12.