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How about A LEGAL PROTEST BY THE PEOPLE TO THE IRS . Concerning the targeting of conservatives by the IRS. What if we all joined together and filed our tax returns by paper, hand written the old fashioned way, then the IRS would not have time to audit targets frivolously. We could still have our taxes prepared by professionals but transfer them written by hand to paper filing. The IRS would be backlogged with REAL WORK 10 years. And the best thing is, it's entirely legal!

I built that, yes you did BO,

.Come on BO, take a few minutes timeout from your stupid golf games & get them man back home!

IRS & Obama's Election

What part of "I Will Stand ...with islam" do you not understand, right out of BO's ugly mouth?

Complete truth. Thanks you BO voters, stupidity abounds among you!

Hes shocked folks, that the IRS would target conservatives...pure BS as usual, from the worst presidet EVER!!!!

that's liberal socialist democrats for you, & BO is leading the pack!!!!

WAG THE DOG/STRAW MAN/ Don't look at Benghazi, IRS Attacks, DOJ Attacks, Fast & Furious, Seal Team 6, Immigration Bill.... L@@K SQUIRREL TRAYVON MARTIN! Dumb predictable Sheeples!!! 2 Teens: ONE made NATIONAL NEWS HEADLINES and MEDIA CONSTANT COVERAGE and ONE ignored! Twitter / zcraft7: @Conservative_VW thought I'd ...

#IRS lawyer who donated $4,000 to Obama's 2008 campaign, and hovered over Inspector General interviews with subordinates, emerges as villain in tea party scandal #News #IRS