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Johnny ray Whitsett
Johnny ray Whitsett • 1 year ago


  • Natalie Skalka
    Natalie Skalka • 1 year ago

    Come on now! How can you expect a monkey to know about anything important that's going on! Shame on you for holding an old world primate accountable for anything really.

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11-year-old girl escapes arranged marriage…(that won't happen here? FYI- Dearborn,Michigan has a high Muslim population & they voted SHARIA LAW to be law. Child marriage is NOW POSSIBLE IN DEARBORN,MICHIGAN..this is OBAMA'S CHANGE-if you support him you support the molestation of innocents!

Real Men…

  • John Martinez

    Barry Soetoro aka Obama aka Hitler I Know You Are Into The Slave Market Due To Your Ties To The NWO. My Eyes Were Also Open Tat For All The Missing People It Is You Barry, NWO And CIA That Are Kidnapping Your Family Members And Children For Your Satanic Rituals.You Also have A Huge Slave Market That You Run With Your Friends, Barry We The American People Are A Free People And The Only Shackles That We Have Are Those Placed By You Our Oppressor. Barry all That Blood On Your Hands Doesn't It Get Old. Go Play A game A Golf.

This is amazing. via: Dave Hool Wow! Thank you Lord for this lady! This is what a true Christian does!

WHERE is the TRUTH IN JOURNALISM? The MSM spends its time avoiding any stories that might embarrass Obama, thus denying us the information we need to make clear decisive decisions concerning our lives & our country. They should be tried for TREASON!

Responsibilities of freedom of speech.

This is fascism folks, straight up fascism.