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Tanya Villanueva
Tanya Villanueva • 1 year ago

Mr James Francis Young, Worked on the Titanic as a Fireman/Stocker/ Engine Crew. He boarded the ship in Southampton. Nothing is known about his time on the ship. He died in the sinking, his body was never recovered.

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Titanic time line of when everything took place

First Officer Murdoch of Titanic. He went down with the ship.

John (Jack) George Phillips As the Titanic was sinking, Phillips worked tirelessly to send wireless messages to other ships to enlist their assistance with the rescue of the Titanic's passengers and crew. He was lost in the sinking and the body never recovered. He was 25 years and 1 day old. His last birthday was on the Titanic.

Titanic (1912) Original Passenger List Page 1.... There were 1523 people who perished in the sinking ship, out of these only about 300 bodies were recovered.

Captain Edward John Smith of the RMS Titanic with his dog. He went down with his ship.

Jack Prideaux, 3rd Class Titanic Steward Jack Prideaux, who was born in Southampton, was one of the stewards on board Titanic. There were over 300 stewards working on the ship, looking after the needs of passengers. Prideaux was assigned to care for those in Third Class. The 23 year old died when Titanic sank, his body was never found.

Passengers of the RMS Titanic Wallace Hartley was the leader of the Titanic's band of eight musicians who died

Violet Constance Jessop - The Unsinkable Woman. She survived all 3 of the White Star Line’s sister ships' disasters. She was a stewardess aboard the Olympic when it collided with a ship in 1911. She was a stewardess aboard the Titanic when it hit the iceberg. The Britannic was made into a hospital ship for WWI. Violet became a nurse and was working aboard when an explosion sank the ship. Violet continued to work for shipping lines until she retired in 1950. She die...

In the 1898 novel Futility, 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, Morgan Robertson penned a fictitious tale about a ship named Titan, which rams an iceberg and sinks with many victims. Some of the uncanny similarities between the book and the Titanic calamity include the month (April), the length of the ship (Titanic 882.5 feet; Titan 800 feet), and the number of passengers on board (Titanic, 2,200; Titan, 2,000).