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Carrie's Inquiry
Carrie's Inquiry • 1 year ago

Bauerschwein: Pig-like creatures, specifically similar to wild boars.

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Bauerschwein (Peasant Pig): A pig-like creature; specifically similar to a wild boar, with giant tusks jutting up from the lower jaw. Mud baths have a calming effect on them. Bauerschwein are centuries-old enemies of Blutbaden.

What kind of Wesen is this? Doesn't look like the typical Blutbad. Is this even from #Grimm?

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"'Little Pig, little pig, let me come in,' said the wolf to the pig. 'Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin,' said the pig to the wolf." - The Three Little Pigs Episode 6, "The Three Bad Wolves," the classic tale is inverted as the a Bauerschwein seeks vengeance on the Blutbaden who killed his brothers. This puts Nick and Monroe in a predicament as the Blutbaden are old friends of Monroe. Nick tries to keep everything civil, while Monroe wrestles with his wild side.

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