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Norma Jennings
Norma Jennings • 1 year ago

Kelly Mitchell, Queen of the Gypsy Nation, died at age 47 while giving birth to what is said to have been her 14th or 15th child. Queen Kelly's burial at Rose Hill turned the cemetery into one of the main Romani burial grounds in the Southeast. Her husband, Emil, King of the Gypsy nation, her successor, Flora, and numerous other Gypsies have been buried alongside her.

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A Gypsy Queen, buried in unhallowed ground, either for being a gypsy or for having a child out of wedlock. Died due to complications from childbirth, burried with her infant, who also did not survive. Saint Mary's Cemetery Marion, Ohio

Gypsy Queen, New Forest - 1930s

Rose Hill Cemetery Meridian, MS « Stones and Epitaphs -he graves of Emil and Kelly Mitchell, the first King and Queen of the American gypsies. Flora Mitchell, the second Queen of the Gypsies.

Art Noveau Fairy Queen by josefnovak33 on Flickr. Photographer F. Künzl, České Budějovice/Budweis (Bohemia, Czechia), cabinet card, circa 1905

Carmen Amaya, Queen of the GypsiesCarmen Amaya (1913–1963) was a Romani dancer who performed around the world and had a huge impact on the art of flamenco. During her lifetime she was called the greatest of dancers, and Queen of the Gypsies.