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40 Top Products from I Want That, Season Three

Check out a best of selection of products from Season 3 in the DIY Network series, I Want That. Then share your favorites on Pinterest.
DIY Network
DIY Network • 37 weeks ago

Bowtie Collar

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Tailored pointed collar by Rover Boutique. How cute!

Even my dog will wear a bowtie

cat collar

Engraved collars.

* Make housebreaking easier by using the natural instinct of your pet * Teach your pet to go where you want him to go Train your pet to go in just one area! Pheromone-treated plastic yard post encourages your pet to eliminate in a specific area. 7-1/2" high. Simple product design allows for ease in staking, removal, and relocating. Keep your pet’s elimination site where you want it to be; Pee Post can help.

To make this dog bed, the legs were cut off of an old office chair. Furniture pads were added to the bottom to restabilize it. Then the entire chair was covered in a soft blanket and felt letters.