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White slaves- Mulattoes in slavery

Have we really put slavery behind us?


Hell reigns again, and the grave open for another victim. But this time, the accursed scourge has fastened upon the child. But rumsellers are like the savage in their mode of warfare, with this difference. The one butchers for revenge, while the other murders by inches for the paltry sum he gets for his liquor. The traffic spares neither age, sex, nor condition.

Slave auction and bystanders.

1769 | The Slave Auction, Charlestown. Once in the Americas, slaves were sold, by auction.

A discovery that will rank among the most important in astronomy was made at Washington, on the night of the 16th inst., by Prof. Asaph Hall. The planet Mars, since the invention of the telescope, has proved more convenient for examination, and there is more known about it than any other celestial object, not even excepting the Moon, since of that only one side is turned toward us. Venus, though nearer us than Mars, is never seen to as great advantage.

Omacatl Boat Club New York - The boat house is at the foot of Christopher street, North River, and is a model of beauty and neatness; in fact, the little parlor, or more nautically speaking the cabin, where the members of the club transact their business, and keep their uniforms, is quite equal in furnish to the interior of our first rate steam ships.

Candidates for the Presidency (1848) - The Whig and Democratic Candidates are thus described: with what accuracy let their friends judge.

Think of it, men and women, who eschew a respectable life, of toil though it be, under this free government, to gain dollars in the United States at the expense of your and your children’s liberties, by encouraging them to enter into a like course of pursuits, and so risk their freedom. Is there not enough of the love of liberty, and of manly dignity, to grapple with whatever difficulties may present themselves here, though toil and care attend your efforts, without forever running such risks.