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We've covered a lot of fusion tree houses: treehouse meets Jetsons; treehouse meets Modernism; treehouse meets biology experiment. Today, we've been introduced to a new pairing from O2 Sustainability: treehouse meets Buckminster Fuller. Much like the classic
Cindy Briedis
Cindy Briedis • 2 years ago

geodesic tree house

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I want a tree house!!!!

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02 Treehouse. Designed by Dustin Feider, the O2 Treehouse is made completely of recycled materials and is suspended rather than bolted to the trees to minimize environmental impact.

the homes of tomorrow become the diners of yesterday

The O2 sustainability treehouse is inspired by the construction of Buckminster Fuller’s infamous geodesic dome. Freelance furniture designer Justin Feider discovered that by following Fuller’s lead, he could use less material and construct a more stable structure than that of the ‘traditional’ treehouse - most importantly, without at all harming the tree.