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WeAreTeachers • 16 weeks ago

Love this chart of wonderful words

  • Tammie Lewis
    Tammie Lewis • 13 weeks ago

    So, go ahead and spell check, grammar check and spew your poisonous pen in response. I am sure we could all pick a few choice words from the chart to describe you, but then again I can think of a few more that are not on the chart. I'm fed up with the teacher bashing. AND, if by chance, you're one of us--SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Melody Chord
    Melody Chord • 13 weeks ago

    This is so cool . if the entire class did this and no one could use the same word what a wonderful resource the children will create for their writing. Working together toward everyone's success. I LOVE this idea.

  • Janet Griffith
    Janet Griffith • 13 weeks ago

    Love having this to help teams develop units and lessons and to help students broaden their word usage while writing. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Isabel Legarda
    Isabel Legarda • 11 weeks ago

    This shouldn't be used to teach children until the dangling participle and misspelled words are corrected; why perpetuate the carelessness? If we keep sending learners the message that mediocrity is acceptable we're just going to keep getting it.

  • Vickie Leaverette
    Vickie Leaverette • 4 weeks ago

    Wow, people are actually arguing over this chart?

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