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bunions part of a magnesium deficiency? (very interesting! I've had virtually no bunion pain since taking higher doses of magnesium this pregnancy...)

9 Home Remedies For Bunions

Learn about bunion pain taping. A bunion, also known as hallux valgus, results when the big toe points towards the second toe and results in inflammation of the tissue surrounding the joint. The inflammation causes the joint to become swollen and tender, making everyday activities like walking or jogging very painful.

Image: Crossover Toe Deformity This is where your second toe drifts over so that it permanently lies across your big toe. What causes it? Fallen arches, tight calf muscles, a long second toe, and of course, bunions. What’s so scary about it? Well, I just think it’s really ugly–and I worry that it will happen to me.

9 Remedies For Bunions

Bunion Relief / Foot Alignment Socks / STOP FOOT PAIN | eBay

"7 Incredible Natural Cure For Bunions" Really they won't cure bunions, but they would help with the pain. What helps most is wearing shoes that are wide enough and avoiding heels. Although not all bunions are caused by heels, no one with bunions will enjoy a high heel.