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self-harm and self-injury at a glance

Cutting Down: A CBT workbook for treating young people who self-harm.

self harm drawings | self harm, self hate

The pain secret shame of self injury (SI) - Myth: People who self-injure are crazy /or dangerous. FACT: It is true that many people who self-harm suffer from anxiety,depression or trauma, just like millions of others in the world. SI is how they cope. Slapping them with a “crazy" label isn’t helpful. Myth: If the wounds aren’t bad, it’s not that serious. FACT: The severity of a person’s external wounds has little to do with how much he/she may be suffering internally.

Self Harm Self Help - Imgur

When people say, I self-harm, others want to know why people self-injure. This is natural. Read some real stories to understand why people self-mutilate.

  • Amelia Watson

    Great article but doesn't address the problem of being forced to explain self harm scars and injuries to doctors and nurses at hospital when you go there regularly with a chronic illness, unrelated to self harm and having doctors say they will not treat you until you explain why you are scarred. Also having your physical illness dismissed because your a self harming freak looking for attention.

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Self harming and suicide TWLOHA