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Leandra Ventura
Leandra Ventura • 2 years ago

end of story

  • Genine Mackey
    Genine Mackey • 2 years ago

    I'm from NY but live in SC. I get called a Yankee regularly and it's said with disrespect which makes me want to choke them. Lol my daughter was in a class last year in high school called Theory of Knowledge and they basically talked about anything and debated it. Out of the 15 people in the class, 11 were Atheist. She couldn't believe it, they're all in the closet too. I make subtle remarks once in a while on FB so people are slowly catching on. It's more common than they all want to admit.

  • Leandra Ventura
    Leandra Ventura • 2 years ago

    Agreed, it is wayy more common. Most people are afraid of coming out about it, at least publicly. I make vague comments on FB as well and those get debated too but oh well. Live and let live

  • Brad Marko
    Brad Marko • 2 years ago

    You have nothing to be ashamed of girls. Remember.....there's nothing you believe in. Don't be scared about nothing or embarrassed. Be strong

  • Leandra Ventura
    Leandra Ventura • 2 years ago

    Why should we be embarrassed? Because we think for ourselves? Because we believe in science and things you can prove? Brad, stop trolling and go protest planned parenthood or something

  • Nick M
    Nick M • 2 years ago

    Brad is just a hateful little 14 year old virgin, still scared of girls.

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Everywhere in the world it's the same story.

If you believe genesis or the story of Noah, please get psychiatric help.

Happy Christian holiday!

And to those people who think he's real.......well I think you guys are ALL GOING TO HELL. ....just saying

  • Ali Poole

    God says that Christians are not held to the laws of the old testament any longer

True, for most of the Christians I know

Christian Lite