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  • ʝαиє ¢αмρвєℓℓ

    Hey @Isabel Horan you don't know me but u follow me and I was wondering if you could help me with something

  • ʝαиє ¢αмρвєℓℓ

    Long story short I had a really bad sunburn on my nose and it started to peel

  • ʝαиє ¢αмρвєℓℓ

    So naturally I was picking at it and when I came home from school it left a huge light red mark on my nose from where my tan peeled off and I've tried every thing but I still have to go to school tomorrow and I'm really scared that I will get bullied because everyone there are snobby and rude and if ur not pretty u r weird

  • Isabel Horan #TBCI #TBPI

    OMG I'm so sorry about that! Here's my advice. Screw what everybody else tells you. Stick with your friends and if anyone makes fun of you, say okay and walk away. They are just trying to make you feel embarrassed. If they laugh with their friends, just walk away with your head high. But I'm sure it's not that bad anyway. Believe me. I have the WORST hair ever! Sometimes I worry too much about it and everyone tells me it's actually ok. We tend to pick a lot on ourselves


Ozzy does this to Indy! Then he tries to walk me also!

puppy with a flower

I just want this dog and its flower collar.

Huskies make the best faces!!!