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So this. :)

Bodypump--love it! Can I get this in a tee??

Remember: you are not supposed to look like this! She is beautiful, fabulous and strong, but don't measure yourself against her. Don't think for one mirco-second that the shape of her body or the shape of yours, brings you any more, or less value. It's only a photo, and one that may have seen the sharp edge of the photoshop sword. But even if it's a perfectly untouched photo, don't think this is how you're suppose to be and that you're less than if you don't achieve it. Shoot for it, strive for more, but don't think you didn't win if you can't get your abs as flat or your butt as high. You ARE the effort, love and passion you put into your life and those you love. THAT is what no photo can ever show...

A-freakin'-men! I'm totally guilty of this