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Ancient Egypt means hands-on student #science! In the "Minding Your Mummies: The Science of Mummification" science Project Idea, student learn about the rituals and science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog using baking soda. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Baking soda, citric acid, and sugar are the key ingredients in the "Shimmy, Shimmy Soda Pop" kitchen science project. How much of each makes the perfect beverage? A convenient kit is available for this science project exploration! [Source: Science Buddies; Image: Wikipedia]

An erupting geyser of soda can be exciting to watch, but what factors determine how powerful the eruption is? In the "Coke® & Mentos®--Nucleation Goes Nuclear!" #science project, students experiment to find out. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Can you play more than one musical note with straws? In the "Do-Re-Mi with Straws" #science project, students make straw instruments that correspond to the eight notes of a one-octave major scale. What does straw length have to do with it? [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Thank you! Please consider Science Buddies in your year-end giving and help us continue to support more than fifteen million students, teachers, and parents who come to Science Buddies as a trusted source of FREE hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math project ideas and resources. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #science #scienceproject

How much salt is in ocean water? In the "How Salty is the Sea?" #science project, students explore a way to measure the amount of salt in a sample of water by using evaporation. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...; Image: Wikipedia] #STEM #scienceproject

"Taste Bud Science: Weekly Science Project Idea and Home Science Activity Spotlight": family science exploration and hands-on #science project that lets students experiment to explore tastebuds. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...; Image: Wikipedia] #STEM #scienceproject #familyscience

In the "The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity" civil engineering #science Project Idea, students build bridges using both straws and wooden sticks and then put them to the test. It's build and break hands-on science and engineering fun! A convenient project kit is available to do this science project. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Do crystals form more quickly when left alone or when given a jump start with seed crystals? In the "When Science is Sweet: Growing Rock Candy Crystals" food #science project, students explore using a sugar water solution. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

How much sugar and how much corn syrup do you need to make great-tasting marshmallows? Find out in the "Mixing Your Own Marshmallows" food #science project. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject