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Katherine Bone
Katherine Bone • 1 year ago

Gentlemen's Pocket Flintlock Pistol is at www.replica-blank.... This Gentleman's Pocket Flintlock Pistol was originally crafted by Bunney of London circa 1770. The Flintlock Gentleman's Pocket Pistol's smaller design allowed it to be more readily concealed than its larger and more cumbersome flintlock brethren. The Pocket Gentleman's Flintlock Pistol has an embossed dark wood grip and time honored appearance.

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Flintlock pistols. Gorgeous!

George Washington Flintlock PistolNon Firing Replica Gun is at www.replica-blank.... Selected to command the Continental Army in April, 1775, George Washington 1732-1799 was partial to this style flintlock during the Revolutionary War. This is a classic, decorative, 18th century Flintlock pistol, embossed wood and metal grips. The George Washington Flintlock Pistol is a non firing replica gun.

A pair of flintlock wender pistols , Wallis in London,circa 1740

Napoleon Bonaparte’s flintlock pistol

Late 18th century flintlock pistol crafted by Peniet of Paris.

Three Barrel Revolving Flintlock is at www.replica-blank.... This elaborate flintlock pistol features a simulated ivory handle with an eagle on the head butt. The three engraved barrels of this replica gun revolve allowing for a high rate of fire for the era. This is an attractive decorator model.

Pocket pistols (1933.41.1-2)

Ladie's Pocket Flintlock Pistol is at www.replica-blang.... Known as a Ladies' muff Pistol, this Ladies' Pocket Flintlock Pistol is the more elaborate sister model to the Gentalmen's Pocket Flintlock and was originally crafted by Bunney of London circa 1770, the Flintlock Ladies' Pocket Pistol has an embossed mock ivory grip and gold-tone barrel. Find the Pocket Ladies' Flintlock Pistol at Replica-Blank Guns.

Double Revolver Flintlock Gun

Elegant French Flintlock Dagger Pistol Non Firing Replica Gun is at www.replica-blank.... This 18th Century Flintlock Dagger Pistol features a simulated ivory handle. The hand guard, pommel and barrel of this replica gun all have a simulated brass finish. This is another fine decorator replica model.