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#April9 - Look Hot Naked (12-10/50) **Repeat 3x ** 1) Single Arm Clean & Lunge w/Side Knee Kick - Left Side w/Sandbag 2) Frog Jump + L/R Knee Spider Push Ups + Tuck Jump 3) Single Arm Clean & Lunge w/Side Knee Kick - Right w/ Sandbag 4) Reverse Push-Up + Cross Knee Tucks w/equalizers

Fire it up workouts bonus!

Sexy Beast Workout - High Intensity Interval Training

Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge: pushup/burpee/tuck jump, tricep dips, side/center/side burpee, high knees

BodyRock: 1/23/12 Rockstar Booty Workout. L's Exercises: 1 Leg Push-Ups & Jump Over w/ Sandbag, Side Straddle Runs & Burpees, Squat & Woodchop - Alternate Sides and Plank Jumps w/ Ugi ball.