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"Acid trap" - Earth’s oceans are beginning to warm and turn acidic, endangering plankton and the entire marine food chain. – Peter Brannen – Aeon

A Brief History of Keystone XL (As Told By Folks Who Really Oppose It) Take action:

Coincidence? I think not!

An Abbreviated History of Fossil Fuels, from the Post Carbon Institute. Winner of a YouTube Do-Gooder Award

Alarming Before and After Photos of Ocean Acidification

Infographic - how climate change is endangering animals.

Ocean Acidification (evil twin of climate change) and the People of Washington State

Global Warming Behind Australia's 'Angry Summer': Study | Climate Central

A look at the important weather/climate events (and disasters) from the past 7 days!

For Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Change Not a Leap of Faith - Hayhoe sees her mission as one of outreach. At one level, that means talking to professionals who need information on climate to do their jobs. At Texas Tech, for example, she offers a course on climate science and policy for grad students — in any discipline.

We love how oil companies want to keep us dependent on a dirty, climate warming, expensive fuel that is in short supply. Isn't that just great?