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I thought there were some great ideas here!! 20 Ideas for a Family Fun Night

Tag-Team Drawings This quick-paced game encourages group creativity. Players contribute to drawings begun by other family members, with often hilarious results. Need: paper, colored markers Each player sits at the table with her own color marker and a piece of paper. At "Go," players have 30 seconds to begin a drawing. (designate 1 player as official timer) Play continues in this manner, with the paper being given a quarter turn by each new artist, until everyone has added to each drawing.

Games That Make a Splash - Back-to-back Balloon Dash (Four or more players) Players choose partners, then stand back-to-back, arms interlocked, at the starting line. Place a water balloon between each pair. At "Go," teams race to cross the finish line without breaking the balloon. The first to do so wins.

Pass the Silly Bag. Each child takes a turn of pulling an idea from bag and doing what it says... cluck like a chicken, bounce like tigger, blow up a pretend balloon and pop it, Crawl like a baby...

TTS Digital Camera game pieces - reduce the disagreements over markers! Very Clever

Candy Medals for family game night - fun idea