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Candy Medals for family game night - fun idea!

Great collection of suggestions. *Our family loves these...

balloon tennis - great basement game when it's too hot or cold outside

Games That Make a Splash - Back-to-back Balloon Dash (Four or more players) Players choose partners, then stand back-to-back, arms interlocked, at the starting line. Place a water balloon between each pair. At "Go," teams race to cross the finish line without breaking the balloon. The first to do so wins.

Pass the Silly Bag. Each child takes a turn of pulling an idea from bag and doing what it says... cluck like a chicken, bounce like tigger, blow up a pretend balloon and pop it, Crawl like a baby...

A website with back yard games and fun.

Our Top 10 Family Board Games. Awesome review of ten wonderful family games that are fun & educational for both kids AND adults. Includes details on each games with ratings by both kids & parents. Such a great resource!

Squirt gun game- ok, now this is FUN!

Don't Blow It! All you need is a glass bottle (we used an empty Starbucks coffee drink bottle), a deck of cards, and a timer. Simply set the deck of cards face down on the bottle with the joker being on the bottom of the pile face up. Then start the timer. The contestant will then gently blow the deck of cards and trying to keep the joker on top. This task must be completed in under a minute.